189 visa approval a for Australian graduate – Veterinarian

Client V and his partner have completed their Bachelor of Veterinary medicine and Surgery at Murdoch University.

Their initial plan was to apply for their 189 separately.

Client V has achieved the required level of English to apply for his skills assessment as a Veterinarian. However, Client V’s partner was having difficulty in getting the required English score for her skills assessment. After lots of discussion, they decided to apply together.

Client V was referred to ACM by one of his classmates, he came to us to discuss about how to include his partner in his application.

Our friendly agent gone through with them the requirements of the de facto relationship and make sure they have all the required documentation to included his partner in the application.
189 visa grant for veterinarian, 189 visa approval
We lodged an EOI with Skillselect on 12/01/2017 and only 6 days later we received an invitation from immigration for Client V to apply for the 189 on 18/01/2017.

We then lodged the visa application on 02/03/2017, and on 16/03/2017 we got a request from the case officer requesting for Singapore and Hong Kong Police Clearances.

Usually we would lodge a decision ready application with medicals and police clearances. But Singapore and Hong Kong does not issue police clearances to applicants unless immigration requested for it.

Before we got the request from case officer, our migration agents have already given the clients instructions on how to obtain their fingerprints and get their documents legalised.  As soon as we got the request letter from case officer, both client V and his partner could submit their police clearance applications immediately.

On 4/09/2017, both client V and his partner got granted their subclass 189 visa and are excited to start their life in Australia as permanent residents. 
189 visa approval letter, skill visa grant letter

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