457 nomination approval for High Salary Massage Therapist

Ms Wang is a massage therapist and got granted her 457 visa 2 years ago under the high salary English exemption in the regional area. Ms Wang did not enjoy working in the remote area and started seeking employment in the metropolitan area in Perth.

Because of her skills, she got hired by another massage shop very quickly. However, during the process of preparing the nomination application, the department of immigration has announced major changes for the 457 visa application which panicked lots of people.

Our agents went through all the legislative requirements to make sure we could lodge a valid nomination for Ms Wang.

We worked together with the employer to provide all the information and legal submission to give the best representation for the application.

The employer and Ms Wang did not have high hope about getting the nomination through as all the new changes are against the application.

Our agents have worked very hard on each case and make sure each of our client obtains a high chance of success.

In just under four months, Ms Wang’s nomination was granted without further request.

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