Dependent 485 visa was approved in just 30 days!

Ms R was a 457 visa holder and her visa was about to expire in June. More than 12 months ago, she started a de facto relationship with an international student who holds a 485 visa. The couple are determined to be together and they wanted to apply a dependent 485 visa for Ms R, so they could remain together.

The couple contacted ACM Migration on 9th June about the visa application and they were happy with the information they received about how to demonstrate a de facto relationship for their visa application.

As time was running out, our agent prepared a comprehensive checklist for the applicant so they could provide all documentation needed for the application.

The application was posted on 19th June and received by DIBP on 20th June. In just 30 days, the application was approved.

The couple are delighted with the visa grant news and said they could definitely use ACM again for their future application. 

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